Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schmitt
Professor, Director
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Elke Behrendt, Assistentin der Institutsleitung
Manfred-Weck-Haus 217
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Marita Kox
Manfred-Weck-Haus 218
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Research Area
Production Metrology and Quality Management


In today's competitive environment, mastery of production processes and efficient management of all inspection tasks are decisive factors in achieving success. Furthermore, a central challenge for companies is to generate a distinctive profile. Unique products that appeal to the customer as well as error-free, robust and efficient processes provide the leading edge among the global competition.
The research area of Metrology and Quality Management focuses on all these challenges - both in basic research as well as in applied development.
The core focus areas of this research field include the development and optimisation of measurement processes and equipment, production-integrated metrology, machine-oriented quality control loops, quality management systems, as well as knowledge, innovation and optimisation management. Furthermore, quality management methods and computer-aided quality management are also the subject of our research.