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Quality Intelligence


Digital Quality Management - from the customer into the production

Customer-oriented product creation in dynamic value-added networks requires a high degree of process capability and control. In order to achieve the highest possible level of process control, all relevant sources of information, starting with requirements, specifications and usage scenarios have to be collected in the field, addressed appropriately, and analyzed in a targeted manner. This demands a comprehensive integration of various sensors as well as the clear definition of information and process interfaces.

The Internet of Production (IoP), by its architecture and the inherent elements and tools, opens up the full potential for a value-added network that focuses on data and quality. It enables the loss-free connection of all quality-relevant domains, from the transparent customer, to agile development, the digital shadow, to data-driven production control.

The Department for Quality Intelligence deals with the challenges and questions of data- and quality-driven product design in IoP in research as well as in industrial practice.