Dieter Mevissen, M.Sc.
Workgroup Leader
Manfred-Weck-Haus 107
Tel.: +49 241 80-27560
Fax: +49 241 80-22293


Research Group

Gear Testing


The WZL Gear Testing Group completes the holistic approach regarding the analysis of gears in the WZL Gear Department. Subsequent to the design (Gear Design and Manufacturing Simulation Group) and manufacturing (Gear Manufacturing Technology Group) of the component the testing of the running behavior takes place on the modern testing facilities of WZL Gear Department.
One main focus of the gear testing is the measurement of the excitation behavior of both, single gear stages and complex powertrains. In this context single flank tests, structure-borne sound and encapsulated airborne noise measurements as well as measurements of the difference angular acceleration are performed on flexible test rigs with two or three engines using the motor-generator-principle.
Another focus of research activities in the Gear Testing Group is on the analysis of the load carrying capacity of gears regarding e.g. bending strength and surface strength in gear tests and analogy tests using back-to-back, pulsator, or two-disk test rigs. The analysis of the strength of gear systems involves standardized oil tests as well as project dependent gear tests in order to isolate single influences on the load carrying capacity of gears.
The mentioned research activities are supported by the metrological analysis of the component quality and metallographical analysis of material structure, residual stresses and micro hardness. In all competence sectors cylindrical and bevel gears as well as special gears (e.g. beveloid gears) are investigated. The experimental activities are supplemented by theoretical models for the description of the excitation behavior and material strength already in the design stage of a gear.

Fields of research

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