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Study "Tooling in Turkey" was recently published

The Turkish economy has grown continuously in the past decades. The growth has been carried mainly by the manufacturing industry, which profits from the geographic closeness to Europe as well as the still relatively inexpensive factor costs. Nonetheless, the Turkish tool and die market is still very non-transparent and the capabilities and structure of the companies is very heterogeneous. The study presents detailed market knowledge about the capabilities of possible suppliers or partners of the tool and die industry.

A German copy of the study is now available as free download.



Study "Successfully Financing on the Tool and Die Industry" was recently published

With the rising competitiveness in the German tool and die industry, the risks and complexity are also increasing. Success requires increasing amounts of risk, even from small and medium-sized companies. They need to continuously, quickly and correctly react to developing trends in order to create excellent added value internally. However, these trends require strategic investments with a financial return that can be difficult to calculate. Therefore, the selection of appropriate financing instruments is a rather important success factor for the realization of strategic investments. The study gives an overview of existing financing instruments and their applicability to the tool and die industry.

A German copy of the study is now available as free download.



Study "Smart Tooling" was recently published

Quo vadis, tool and die industry? A very interesting question. The fourth industrial revolution has been occupying the production technology sector for several years. However, so far there have been few points of contact between industry 4.0 and the tool and die industry. Nevertheless, the knocking at the door of the tool and die industry has become ever louder and cannot be ignored anymore… The study leads tool rooms through the word cloud of industry 4.0 and shows the central areas of industry 4.0 in the tool and die industry as well as their contents. On the basis of the current industry 4.0 readiness index, several concrete guidelines are derived as well.

A German copy of the study is now available as free download.



Study "Fast Forward Tooling" was recently published

Faster, better, further! Fast Forward! These are the goals of the manufacturing industry in the high-wage country Germany. Only those manufacturing companies which consequently aim at the targets faster, better and further will be able to compete in a dynamic competitive environment. Tool making is the central enabler of a high-performance series production and thus largely responsible for innovations. Therefore, particularly tool making must be faster, better and further.

In the study "Fast Forward Tooling", nine success factors in the areas of product, process and resources are described which must be addressed by tool making companies in the future. The design of these success factors enables a future-oriented and efficient value adding in tool making.

On the one hand the study "Fast Forward Tooling" premises on the findings of last year’s study "Fast Forward Factory". On the other hand results of a comprehensive evaluation were included. The evaluation included the questioning of experts from 72 tool making companies and was carried out in cooperation with the WZL of RWTH Aachen University. Additionally an intensive exchange with best-practice companies in each of the nine success factors were considered in the study.

A German copy of the study is now available for free download.



Study „Successful Calculation in Tool and Die Making“ released

The successful calculation of costs is an important requirement for the performance of tool and die making companies. The holistic calculation of production costs for tools is highly challenging due to the small batch series production. The dynamic and global competitive environment leads to the fact, that tool and die making companies have to calculate tools fast and reliable in order to stay competitive.

Overall aim of the study „Successful Calculation in Tool and Die Making““ is to illustrate the process and existing methods of tool calculation to tool and die making companies. Central elements are a holistic calculation model for tool and die making companies as well as key success factors for the calculation of tools. They support tool and die making companies during the operational implementation.

Another central element of the study is a market overview of software systems. The overview includes detailed performance profiles of software providers for tool calculation. Therefore, the study gives an impuls for the sustainable increase of performance throughout precise and fast tool calculation. It can be used as a basis for the selection of a proper software solution.

A German copy of the study is now available for free download.



Study "World of Tooling" published

To gain market intelligence is very hard in the tool and die making sector. The overall volume of produced tools and dies is small in comparison to the general manufacturing sector and the majority of the companies is of a small to medium size. But tool and dies play an important role and build the basis for efficiency, reliability and innovation in the series production. The access to tools and dies, which meet the technical and cost requirements, therefore is a competitive advantage and international market intelligence is necessary.
The study World of Tooling has the goal to give an overview of tooling markets in the world. Companies, which source or produce tools and dies internationally, face the challenge to gain market intelligence in different countries in order to make correct decisions. Therefore this study provides an overview of relevant data from 20 important tooling markets.

China, Germany, Japan, USA, South Korea

Canada, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain

Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Turkey

Rising Stars:
Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, Vietnam

The two main results of the study are a market comparison with the World of Tooling-Radar and a market overview with profiles from 20 countries. In the WOT-Radar the countries are evaluated in the dimensions market size, tooling competence and development potential and displayed in a portfolio.

An English copy of the study is now available for free download.



Article about tool procurement from China published

The magazine „Beschaffung Aktuell“ reported in the edition 07/2015 on the procurement of tools from international markets. In a three-part publication, the potential of the international tool purchasing is shown. The second part concentrates specifically on opportunities of the Chinese market. Based on a published study by the WZL and the WBA about tool making in China, specifically the market for large sheet and massive forming tools is examined in the now published article. The results show, that Chinese tools represent an interesting procurement option.

A German version of the article is available for download.



Guideline „Clocked production in Tool and Die making“ published

At the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL of RWTH Aachen a methodology for the design of a clocked production for tool and die making companies has already been developed. This guideline explains the developed approach of manufacturing tool components within a clocked production in a compressed way. It simultaneously delivers useful tips and support for the implementation of a clocked production in one´s own tool and die making company.

A Germany copy of the guideline is now available for free download.



Article on international tool sourcing published

The magazine "Beschaffung Aktuell" reports in its June issue about the sourcing of tools from international markets. Within a three piece series the potential of sourcing tools internationally will be shown. The first article illustrates an overview of global tooling markets and describes a procedure for successfully sourcing tools.

Please find the entire article attached.



Article regarding WBA seminar program published

The magazine "Form+Werkzeug" reports about our seminar program in its issue 03/2015. Further education is becoming more and more important, escially due to ongoing demographic changes. The WBA offers a variety of different seminars.

Please find the compete article here.



Study „Fast Forward Factory“ released

The study "Fast Forward Factory" has been published shortly and is now available for download.
Producing companies have to be able to master faster, better, further. More specific: They have to design their value creation more efficiently. This enables them to persist competition and develop sustainable and long-lasting products. Lean Thinking has provided them with a helpful recipe. The now starting age of Indudstry 4.0 offers new and fast infrastructures and changes the behavior of people radically. But to which effect and benefit? How does it fit to my target system, my industry, my company?

The answer gives the company of the future: The Fast Forward Factory. It relies on nine success factors in the areas product, process and resources. The conscious design of the success factors leads the way to a more efficient value creation for producing companies.

The Fast Forward Factory is now available for download.



Study „Successful Planning in Tool and Die Making“ released

The study “Successful Planning in Tool and Die Making" was released recently and is now available for free download.
In the study, deficits which are typical for planning in the tool and die making industry are addressed. These deficits result primarily from small batch series production along with a high proportion of rush and repair orders. The study is based on a deep understanding of planning in tool and die making, which is premised on the target indicators reliability, cost optimization and transparency.
The evaluation is based on anonymized benchmarking data as well as findings resulting of projects with tool manufacturers. The study “Successful Planning in Tool and Die Making" gives an impulse to a sustainable increase of competitiveness.

A German copy of the study is now available as free download. An Englisch copy will be available in March 2015.



Video on Market intelligence at the WZL of the RWTH Aachen published

Through the implementation of numerous projects with international partners, company specific insight in markets could be developed. We have been able to profit of the achieved experiences in two ways:

Due to the evaluation of different markets all around the world we achieved an unique insight in the global tool and die making industry. In addition, we also developed a systematic approach for the process of achieving Market Intelligence in a standardized way. This enables us to provide market insight which is tailored for your company.

We proudly present to you our new Market Intelligence video.



Article "Tooling in South Africa" was published in werkzeug&formenbau

The magazine "Werkzeug und Formenbau" reports about our study „Tooling in South Africa“ in its issue 04/2014. The study describes the development of the South African tooling industry over the past years. The study was published in August 2014 by the Aachener Werkzeugbau Akademie (WBA) and is based on the intensive cooperation of the WBA with the National Tooling Initiative Program (NTIP) in South Africa.

For further information in german please click here.



Article "Selection of a PPS-System" was published in FORM + Werkzeug

There are many PPS-systems on the market. How a tool and die maker can choose the most suitable PPS-system is shown in the cooperation between the WBA Aachener Werkzeugbau Akademie and the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University.

For further information in german please click here.



Article "Efficient tool making" was published in FORM + Werkzeug

The development to an industrialized tool shop has to be well planned. At the Pöppelmann tool shop a clear segmentation between making new tools and repairing old tools enables efficient processes. The segmentation of the tool shop and the implementation of standardized process chains lead to a plannable and uninterrupted making of new tools.

For further information in german please click here.



Study "Tooling in South Afrika" published

In August 2014 the study "Tooling in South Africa" was published. The study describes the development of the South African Tooling Industry during the last years and is based on the intensive cooperation between the WBA and the National Tooling Initiative Program (NTIP). The study describes quantitatively and qualitatively the current state of the South African tooling industry in comparison to international best practice tooling industries, as well as latest developments in tooling. It is based on several benchmarkings conducted between 2011 and 2014.

The study can be downloaded free of charge as of now.



Focus automotive industry - Digital value creation networks in the tool and die industry

Especially the manufacturing industry is in a dynamic environment. The most relevant economic barometer for the manufacturing industry is the automotive industry as a core industry and the largest employer in Germany. Digital transformation can be understood as an opportunity to enhance the efficiency by for example a cooperative value creation. This study aims to show how tool shops can meet the market challenges by a cooperation in digital value networks. In order to meet this requirement the WZL from RWTH Aachen University and Capgemini Consulting have worked out this study in close cooperation.
Download study



WBA - App IDA for tablets

In a WBA project "Knowledge refeed in the tool and die industry" a Tablet-App "IDA" (Information Digitalization Application) has been developed and tested in a consortium consisting out of 16 companies. The app provides a systematic documentation of mistakes in the try-out phase and allows the user to take pictures of a tool and highlight important information. The intuitive user interface provides a standardized documentation directly on the shop floor. The data is stored in a database which has a Excel export function. This way the app helps to acquire information and transform it in to knowledge in order to improve the tool or die production process.