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Organizational Development


The department Organizational Development supports organizations in preparing for future challenges by the systematic identification of areas for action and the implementation of planned change initiatives. We understand organizations as complex sociotechnical systems that require an interdisciplinary approach for achieving sustainable performance. Our team consists of industrial engineers, economists, and psychologists, who jointly solve academic and practical problems related to technological, demographic, and societal change.




In our consulting projects, we develop in collaboration with our clients, individualized solution concepts to address current and future challenges. more...




In our research projects, we work in close collaboration with organizations on highly relevant topics in the field of quality-oriented organizational development. more...



Studies and Benchmarking

In our studies and benchmarking projects, we examine the methods and approaches leading to organizational success. more...



Industry Alliances

In our industry alliances, we work in collaboration with industry and research partners on innovative projects and solutions to meet the most recent organizational challenges. more...




Start your career with us: We are looking for employees who are proactively engaged in our subjects and we offer a multitude of challenging opportunities for your professional development. more...