Development Management
Lean Innovation


Lean thinking stands for focussing on real value creation and for avoiding waste in principle. This understanding of value creation from a customer perspective is crucial to the innovation management of a company, but up to now it is still drastically under-represented in corporate landscape. By interviewing 143-producing companies in Germany, a survey of the WZL at the RWTH Aachen revealed that only one-third of the companies already started, to systematically identify profusion in product development. The lean innovation systematics of the WZL is based on twelve established principles that in its entirety provide higher value orientation in the innovation management.

„The department of innovation management of WZL helps us consequently in developing methods and principles of lean innovation."
Karl-Hubert Schlichtenmayer, Director Reengineering,
Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG


Project example:Lean innovation assessment at a machine engineering company (hydraulic control, 2010)

"Objective: preparation of the introduction and implementation of lean innovation at two development sites..."