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Quality management techniques
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Quality management techniques to guarantee customer-optimal products

Your Challenge:
In Order to guarantee a high perceived product quality the reception of objective and subjective customer’s requirements appears as the main problem. However the transformation of requirements to technical specifications turns out to be an essential objective. Mostly customer expressed requirements are not clearly transformable into a statistical values or production-parameters.
Examples are the following customer conclusions: “The engine needs to have a really powerful sound!”; “The cell phone fits good in the hand!” or “the couch is quite comfortable!”.
Our Solution:
There are approved quality management techniques to solve these problems. In each case the best fitting technique for each company needs to be chosen. As an example the following techniques such as Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Product-FMEA and Design Review Based on Failure Modes (DRBFM) will be explained.werden.
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Your contact:

Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. Björn Falk
e-Mail: B.Falk@wzl.rwth-aachen.de
Tel.: +49 241 80-27667, Fax: +49 241 80-22193