Production planning and controlling in tool making


The most important differentiation criteria of tool shops to competitors are still short cycle times and adherence schedules. Taking into account this fact the unique character of orders produces insolvable challenges for companies. The key for success lays in a production planning and controlling orientated to the specific requirements of tool making.

This seminar will enable you to introduce and implement sustainably an efficient production planning and controlling in your tool shop. After an introduction of challenges in planning and controlling a particular planning process will be conveyed to you. By a view on design elements and organizational methods you will find out some practical solutions for establishing efficient planning and controlling in your tool shop. As the last stage of extension the timing device will be introduced by studying theoretical basis knowledge as well as practical methods. Finally the practical lecture will close the seminar day by a view on a successful production planning and controlling in a tool shop.

A seminar for…
ldivision managers and operators in companies as well as owners of companies in the tool and die industry.

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