Research Activities
in Gear Technology


Unique in Europe, the WZL Gear Department carries out intensive research work in the fields of gear design, gear manufacturing, gear measuring technology and operating behaviour of gears and gearboxes. A special feature of this work is the holistic approach to gear and transmission technology, from design to production, measurement technology and application behavior. The consistent treatment of basic research-oriented and practice-related tasks throughout the entire development and process chain in a single research institution is unique in this form.

By taking into account all these relevant areas of transmission technology, synergy effects can be exploited and integrated problem solutions can be offered that are strongly tailored to the needs of the member companies of the gear research circle. Together with our partners we develop bilateral solutions for concrete tasks. At the same time we carry out research projects with industrial associations (VDW, FVA, AGMA,... ). Further research topics are being worked on within the framework of publicly funded projects. These include, for example, research projects of the DFG, BMBF, AiF, etc. In addition, the group's own financial resources allow us to address interesting topics at short notice.


Key Competences

The close cooperation of the individual groups in the field of transmission technology has a long tradition at the WZL. Validated models and methods resulting from the holistic analysis approach resulting from the combination of manufacturing and design solutions are... more...




Here you will find an overview of current research projects within the WZL Gear Department. more...