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Replanning and rescheduling of factories

Factory Design

Factory Design

Factory planning means process planning

Nowadays, factory planning is a continious process to improve and adapt the production.
Usually, the imagination of factory planning is the configuration of the layout. But this configuration only constitutes a small fraction of factory planning. The root of factory planning is the designing of save and efficient processes. The working system is build up on these processes. It is a complex task for companies with diverse product lines, various processes and high requirements of flexibility

Does the perceft factory exist?

In the last years, many conceptions of factories, aspecially in the field of automotive industrie, started a discussion about this question. Many examples of succesfull manufacturing companies show, that this question cannot be respond by only regarding the layout, the building and the factory. The developement of the perfect factory has to be case specific.
Two elements are important to develope a good factory: the aim and the understanding of the process.

The WZL offers for different factory planning motives a proved “Tool-Box” of coordinated approaches. This makes a systematic adaption of the production structure to modified basic conditions as well as an elimination of weak points possible. Further on, there is a steady extension and improvement of features and tools.


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