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Career at the WZL

The career of many a successful engineer began long before a graduate or PhD certificate was issued to them. For many, it began as a student assistant at the WZL or IPT. The formal definition of a "student assistant" (German abbreviation: Hiwi) is a student who, following completion of the intermediate examination (Vordiplom) at a university institute that leads to a graduate degree (Diplom), works between 11 and 19 hours per week at a university institute within the framework of an official work contract.

Besides the payment - some students have financed a large part of their studies with the money - the student assistant job actually provides early professional experience - at least it does at the WZL and IPT.

This is because being a student assistant at the WZL or IPT means being included in research projects, carrying out independent supervision of tests, as well as having the opportunity to write seminar papers and degree dissertations within the framework of research projects. Student assistants at the WZL or IPT come into contact early on with the industrial world and, within the framework of research projects, can check the feasibility of their own ideas for finding solutions to challenges that arise in industry.

In this way, many student assistants became familiar with their future workplace during their studies. Experienced industrial practitioners like to keep a close eye on the work of young student assistants, and frequently make concrete job offers to the assistants long before they have completed their studies.

It is certainly advantageous in later interviews if initial experience with the industrial world has already been gained as a student assistant and if achievements in the area of research or other additional qualifications may be presented that student assistants almost inevitably acquire.

Currently the WZL and IPT have more than 500 student assistants. We are always looking for additional support for diverse research projects. Job offers for student assistants may be found on the notice boards or the information stand for seminar papers and degree dissertations on the 3rd floor of the WZL. Postgraduate research assistants and chief engineers at the WZL and IPT would also be happy to provide information.

Here you can find the student assistant positions currently on offer.