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Tribology and Surface Engineering


Grain refinement in the surface layer of metals by means of vibro-rolling (VibroRolling)

Metals with a nano or fine grained microstructure demonstrate a higher strength, hardness, and enhanced tribological properties as metals with a coarse one. The surface layer of technical components is the most loaded zone so that it determines the performance of the component. Due to this reason a local grain refinement in the surface layer can significantly improve the wear resistance of a technical component. The working hypothesis of the project is that by means of vibro-rolling a more intensive grain refinement in the surface layer of metals as compared with the conventional deep rolling can be reached. This would lead to a significant improvement of material properties in the surface layer.

The aim of the project is the development of a technique on the basis of vibro-rolling for a purposeful grain refinement in the surface layer. Furthermore, cause and effect relationships between relevant process parameters and the resulting surface layer state as well as wear behavior of vibro-rolled components are to be identified. The aimed at project results are the understanding of the relationship between the vibro-rolling process parameters and the resulting grain refinement in the surface layer as well as an assessment of their influence on the wear behavior of the vibro-rolled componets.

Project partners thank the Federal Minitstry for Economic Affairs and Energy for funding the research project Grin refinement in the surface of metallic material by means of vibro-rolling in the scope of the funding initiative Central Innovation Program for SME..


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