Uniaxiales Innenhochdruck-Aufweitstauchen von Napfhalbzeugen auf einfach wirkenden Pressen (IHU-MU)

Die Kaltmassivumformung ist aufgrund der hohen Werkstoffausnutzung und der damit einhergehenden Energie- und Ressourceneffizienz für die Produktionstechnik von hoher Bedeutung. Das Innenhochdruckumformen (IHU) ist ein etabliertes Verfahren zur Herstellung unterschiedlichster komplexer Bauteilgeometrien und fester bis höchstfester Werkstoffe... More...


Time Efficient numerical methods for tool optimization in cold forging (OptKMU)

In cold forging, mostly net shape components are being produced. Such components are characterized by high dimensional accuracy and present excellent mechanical attributes due to the induced strain hardening during the forming process at room temperature. Disadvantageously, the high process forces that occur during cold forging put enormous stress on tool and machines. This has direct influence on the attainable geometric quality. The complex modeling of the complete system, consisting of press, tools and workpiece, during process design based on the numerical methods enables higher geometrical precision with resulting prolonged tool life span... More...


Energy-efficient warm solid forward extrusion (DuPressKo)

In demanding cold solid forward extrusion processes, where higher-strength materials are formed to complex component geometries, formability of the workpiece is likely to be exceeded. As a consequence, inner cracks arise. They are called chevron cracks and make components unusable. It is industrial praxis to apply warm forming in order to increase workpiece material formability... More...


SFB TRR 188: Influencing the damage evolution in deep drawing - Project A06

The production of three-dimensional parts by means of deep drawing uses flat metal sheets, which are cut out of continuous coil bands. Due to the production of these coil, local materials inhomogeneities as anisotropy, micropores, etc. appear. More...


Investigation of the influence of reversing stroke profiles on the workpiece properties in deep drawing with servo-press technology

Through the application of servo-presses, it is possible to use reversing strokes in deep drawing. This can help improve the formability of the material and extend the range of achievable geometries... More...


Investigation of the thermomechanical interdependencies in the shear zone at fineblanking of warmed higher-strength sheet materials (HotFib)

Fineblanking is because of the high quality of the cutting edge and the resulting efficiency concerning energy and ressources of utmost importance for production technique. The method allows to introduce various forming procedures into the cutting process. Therefore it is an important technology for producing an abundance of different product geometries. Starting materials are sheets... More...


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