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Redensification of Sintered Gears


Redensification of Sintered Gears

The shape of gears is very attractive to the PM manufacturing process. Spur gears as well as helical gears can be shaped by compaction. The performance of gears is influenced beneath the geometrical design mainly by the properties tooth root strength and pitting resistance. Most properties obey a power law relationship with the density. For this reason conventional manufactured PM components with an overall density from 6.9 g/cm3 to 7.1 g/cm3 can only be used in low loaded applications. In order to enlarge the range of products to high load gears it is necessary to increase the density. The maximum stresses in gears are found in the tooth root and flank in or just below the surface. By a local densification of the near surface layer the resistance in the high loaded regions can be increased. Even so advantages like noise damping because of the porosity and inexpensive manufacturing are persisted.

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