Electrical discharge and electrochemical finishing of investment casted and additive manufactured gamma titanium aluminide turbocharger turbine wheels (BMBF)


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Your Benefit

The outstanding mechanical properties of γ-TiAl materials entail major challenges for an economic processing. At the WZL, the suitability of the non-conventional technologies electrical discharge machining (EDM) and electrochemical machining (ECM) for an alternative process chain for the production of turbocharged turbines is investigated. In addition to conventional investment casting, additive manufactured turbine wheels are examined.

Our Approach

For processing of the flow surfaces EDM- and ECM-sinking are compared. The precise outer contour is machined by rotation-assisted wire EDM. The electrochemical wire machining (wire ECM) will also be developed and evaluated with the focus on finishing of the outer contour. An efficient flushing must be ensured for the realization of high removal rates with a wire electrode. Therefore, different approaches with a rotating tool electrode and axial pressure flushing to optimize the flow were analyzed in the first approaches.

Our Services

• Analysis of the process chain for turbocharger production
• EDM and ECM technology development for γ-TiAl alloys
• EDM and ECM finishing of generative components
• Development of a universal Wire ECM process

This project is funded by the BMBF initiative "Hochleistungsfertigungsverfahren für die Produkte von morgen." More information: www.benchwerk.de


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