Research of foil-free forming of stainless steels (Triple F)

Forming of stainless steel with stringent requirements on surface integrity is currently realized using protective foils as a separating agent between tools and workpiece. The protective foils are applied with special machines ... More...


Surface structures on deep drawing tools by machine hammer peening to reduce friction and wear (TexDur)

Deep drawing is a major production technology of the automotive industry for the production of three-dimensional components. Recent trends enforce the use of high strength steels. Therefore, the deep drawing tools have to fulfill stringent requirements on their friction characteristics and wear-resistance... More...


HPPMS-CrAIN coatings for dry metal forming of steel (SPP 1676)

Within the project “Self-lubricating HPPMS-CrAlN-coatings for the use in dry cold forging processes of steel” tribological interactions in dry forming contacts between surface structured workpieces and self-lubricating tool coatings produced by HPPMS (high power pulsed magnetron sputtering) technology should be explained. Substitution of lubricants harmful to the environment in cold forging is targeted... More...


Grain refinement in the surface layer of metals by means of vibro-rolling (VibroRolling)

Metals with a nano or fine grained microstructure demonstrate a higher strength, hardness, and enhanced tribological properties as metals with a coarse one. The surface layer of technical components is the most loaded zone so that it determines the performance of the component... More...


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